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NYCC -SuperMansion Panel Oct. 5, 2017   Leave a comment


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Photos Are Down – I’m So Sorry   Leave a comment

Hi Everyone,

Photobucket recently changed their TOS and is telling people they have to pay a crazy amount of money to share photos on 3rd party websites. Which, as you can probably see, has caused a huge mess to everyone’s pages, this one included. ¬†Discovering this was completely devastating for me and I have found that I was not the only person who was completely blindsided by this change.

With that said, it means my photos are down for the count until I can remove EVERYTHING from Photobucket and work on another photo hosting option.

I am so sorry for this. I promise I am working on it and hope to have the photos back up and running as quickly as possible.

Lots of Love,

Amber Dawn

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Seth and Clare At the GILT & Foodstirs Celebrate Exclusive Cupcake Kit With Sarah Michelle Gellar   Leave a comment

 photo SethGreenGILTFoodstirsCelebrateExclusivep1BJa8vh5nlx_zpscsfagz7k.jpg

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Holidays – The Official Trailer   Leave a comment

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Revisiting Sundance 2009   Leave a comment

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Happy Birthday Seth!   Leave a comment

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Hard to believe he’s 42, but he is!

Seth, Your talent, creativity, kindness and love of humanity are deeply inspiring! Thank you for bringing laughter into our homes and hearts.  Happy Birthday!!

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Top 10 Comic Con Photos of 2015   Leave a comment

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