Top 10 Emmy Photos ~ 2016   Leave a comment

 photo af0727490a7b2154c771dc0c02dd1dd4_zpsctbdcyfu.jpg

 photo 6aea1201ef8da01aca43a6b38762377d_zpsoecwfay4.jpg

 photo g-ca68-2016-0206_zpsrr5bktus.jpg

 photo AP288284285828_zpsth53wcvk.jpg

 photo AP2351988043_zps36fb6ayt.jpg

 photo 0911-green_281229_zpsxij4tsgk.jpg

 photo 3dcc4b687a7de5bd95f450cfcad675fc_zpsenkukh10.jpg

 photo 19325825efeb34fc6c7e87f7982ad47c_zpsqhvwixdc.jpg

 photo 5_zpsnuayzytv.jpg

 photo 0911-green_281429_zpsry5pazj6.jpg



Posted December 28, 2016 by Amber Dawn in Awards

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