Revisiting The Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere ~ July 21, 2014   Leave a comment

 photo 14529753279_6cc179b955_o_zps954446c7.jpg

 photo clare-grant-seth-green-the-premiere-of-marvels_4296746_zps14fdc75b.jpg

 photo SethGreenMadameTussaudsHollywoodMARVELigtN7AntZiWx_zpsa162bfb2.jpg

 photo SethGreenPremiereMarvelGuardiansGalaxyK4sK_qTtWKVx_zps3b8dae72.jpg

 photo Corbis-42-60567546_zpsebe699ba.jpg

 photo seth-green-premiere-guardians-of-the-galaxy_4297596_zps14680c48.jpg

 photo seth-green-clare-grant-premiere-guardians-of-the_4297582_zps0b9f0043.jpg

 photo clare-grant-the-premiere-of-marvels-guardians_4297479_zps5333a49b.jpg

 photo Corbis-42-60573163_zpsb0ae942f.jpg


 photo celebspix-ru-025196_zpsc089f88f.jpg

 photo Corbis-42-60567545_zps0ffeaa53.jpg


Posted February 21, 2016 by Amber Dawn in Events, Premiere

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