Emmy Nominations Celebration – September 19, 2015   Leave a comment

 photo AP247519393243_zpstxpdvpgy.jpg

 photo AP757522020918_zpsdwrnvrhn.jpg

 photo AP557990646699_zpsdodn2unz.jpg

 photo 7a214770551e882a820f6a706700c1c9_zpsjwinjpps.jpg

 photo SethGreenTelevisionAcademyCelebrates67thROGACMFSIH1x 1_zpsu8bgdtic.jpg

 photo 489235726_zpsnnroqj0t.jpg

 photo 489268318_zpspcznq0zn.jpg

 photo SethGreenTelevisionAcademyCelebrates67th4A7tGj-orzJx_zpsy7aurnsm.jpg

 photo AP108167827125_zpssl9srq68.jpg

 photo AP911982117421_zpsd59ulojq.jpg


Posted September 20, 2015 by Amber Dawn in Emmys, Party

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