Barely Lethal Premiere – May 27, 2015   Leave a comment

 photo 474918312_zpsdqt6k44l.jpg

 photo premiere-of-directvs-barely-lethal_4749889 1_zpsgwlkfdge.jpg

 photo 19_zpsiyeqkor2.jpg

 photo 14_zpsalnu4302.jpg

 photo 12_zpsht2rmbo5.jpg

 photo 11_zpsj3jshl6t.jpg

 photo premiere-of-directvs-barely-lethal_4749893_zpskssrpdcr.jpg

 photo clare-grant-barely-lethal-premiere-in-los-angeles-regular-4_zpsumakcpvc.jpg;

 photo premiere-of-directvs-barely-lethal_4749879_zpsc3bu1805.jpg

 photo premiere-of-directvs-barely-lethal_4749883_zpsr2gduhuc.jpg

 photo 03_zpsjbrkkfxu.jpg

 photo 475018518_zps3htmdxqp.jpg

 photo 475018502_zpsloreybhq.jpg

 photo 475018584_zpsqiuyvbh8.jpg

 photo 475018486_zpsdjo2hwap.jpg

 photo 33_zps5bbc9twf.jpg

 photo 29_zpshdbhvple.jpg

 photo 25_zpsw1zbxtuc.jpg


Posted May 28, 2015 by Amber Dawn in Premiere

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