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 Seth Green Talks Nunchakus,Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nude Photos

In The Identical — the story of two musically gifted brothers separated at birth — Seth Green plays a boozy drummer who specializes in getting divorced and backing rock ‘n’ roll impersonators. Vulture caught up with Green at the movie’s Cinema Society premiere and after-party (held at White Street Restaurant, which opens next week) to talk about the film, his family, his new favorite movie, and the problems with this generation’s social-media practices.

If you found out you had a long-lost twin brother in real life, what would your reaction be?
Well, how do you predict that? I have my sister, who’s my older sibling, and she’s really the only sibling I’ve had. And getting married, I sort of inherited a wealth of brothers and sisters from my wife’s side of the family. She’s got a big family. And so that has been a really rewarding experience. I’m getting to form new relationships that I never really had. I’ve all [of a] sudden got younger brothers — who actually are of an age where they need some information.


For the rest of the interview,  click here:

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