BTS Photos from The Today Show – September 2, 2014   Leave a comment

 photo 454507358_zps22358d72.jpg

 photo 454507350_zpsa23e4398.jpg

 photo 454507348_zps874c3580.jpg

 photo 454507346_zps53a6d5c5.jpg

 photo 454507344_zps8cdc99da.jpg

 photo 454507362_zpsa3794cb3.jpg

 photo 454507376_zps7ae1a18a.jpg

 photo 454507342_zps2a6b0587.jpg

 photo 454507380_zps5348c0af.jpg

 photo 454507198_zps6f3aafde.jpg

 photo 454507182_zps9e3b5d7e.jpg

 photo 454508160_zpsacb1b276.jpg

 photo 454507192_zps0dcfd7b9.jpg

 photo 454507188_zps03646476.jpg


Posted September 4, 2014 by Amber Dawn in Interviews, TV

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