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Seth Green on why he likes that ‘The Identical’ is a really nice, positive film

In "The Identical," Seth Green plays the best friend of a man whose twin is an Elvis-esque musician. Credit: Getty Images

Since he first started acting as a child, Seth Green has been a diverse performer. He may be mostly known for comedy, like “Robot Chicken,” “Austin Powers” and “Family Guy,” but he also spent three years on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (after being cut from the 1991 movie) and regularly does serious voicework in cartoons. “The Identical” seems unusual even for him: It’s a quasi-religious musical drama, in which he plays a drummer and the best friend of a man (Blake Rayne) who’s actually the secret twin of an Elvis-like superstar. But, Green says, it’s good that you wouldn’t expect such a film from him.

You’ve played musicians before. Oz on “Buffy” played guitar. You’re character here is a drummer. Have you drummed before?

Not really. My friend Breckin is a drummer, and when we were teenagers he showed me some basic things that I then continued to quasi-practice, whenever the radio was on. But I never really played the drums. I had a coach and we decided that instead of me learning how to play drums he would teach me how to play these songs. I looked at the songs like choreography. Instead of learning to catch a beat, it was like “left foot, right foot, hand left.” That made it more accomplishable.


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