Xbox One Official Launch Celebration – November 21, 2013   Leave a comment

 photo Corbis-42-53375101_zps6d67d543.jpg

 photo Corbis-42-53370442_zps3683cf2d.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53370441_zpsc9c02e1b.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53372964_zps415948d7.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53374989_zpsb9474424.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53370431_zpsbe6a086e.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53372958_zpsa1d4a416.jpg  photo 451308325_zps48a5fa69.jpg  photo 451316833_zpsdc201f21.jpg  photo 451308313_zps0622f865.jpg  photo 451308311_zpsa44d5261.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53372974_zpsb2b83183.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53375802_zps448a17de.jpg  photo Corbis-42-53372970_zps0e4a21c5.jpg  photo seth-green-xbox-one-official-usa-launch_3965681_zps1e928c3c.jpg


Posted November 22, 2013 by Amber Dawn in Events

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