“First Date” Broadway Opening Night – August 8, 2013   Leave a comment

 photo tn-500_img_0274jpgpagespeedceeKw5pTI_9T_zps3a21d93c.jpg

 photo 4190598_zps0e1e08d8.jpg  photo 3190631_zps97239949.jpg  photo seth-green-clare-grant-broadway-opening-night-of_3804845_zps0ca7d422.jpg  photo zachary-quinto-jeremy-jordan-first-date-opening-night-09_zps57944c65.jpg  photo zachary-quinto-jeremy-jordan-first-date-opening-night-08_zpsd1fea380.jpg  photo 175845222_zpse7e9f641.jpg  photo Corbis-42-50459689_zps8bb30dac.jpg  photo Corbis-42-50463451_zps6817a0b7.jpg  photo Corbis-42-50459694_zpsd98c8440.jpg  photo Corbis-42-50459692_zps58cf2907.jpg


Posted August 10, 2013 by Amber Dawn in Premiere

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