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Seth Green: a prince among goofballs

Interview, June, 2003 by Macaulay Culkin
Every great comedy needs its fool, which may explain why Seth Green is rarely in want of work. But this 29-year-aid is nobody’s foal. Whip-smart and hubris-free, he’s a hardworking pro with a career that spans 22 years and more than 30 movies. In the new caper The Italian Job, packed with great actors like Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Mos Def, and Donald Sutherland, it’s Green’s rat-a-tat punch lines that keep the action light and fast. And in the upcoming Party Monster, Green goes toe-to-toe with co-star Macaulay Culkin, his interviewer here.

SETH GREEN: Heyl What;s up, Mr. Culkin?

MACAULAY CULKIN: What’s going on, Mr. Green? Here we are. I’ve never needed an appointment to talk to you. I kind of like it.

SG: Me, too. I’m thinking we should make appointments every time we need to talk.

MC: [laughs] So I’ve never conducted an interview before, but I’ve come up with seven important questions to ask you.

SG: Are they specific to me?

MC: Hopefully. [Green laughs] Ready?

SG: Hit me.

MC: Like James Brown, you’ve been called the hardest-working man in show business. How do you feel about that comment?

SG: Wow. Any time you can be compared to someone like James Brown, I think it’s good.

MC: Okay. Question, the second: How many pounds of air does the average room have?

SG: Boy-these are specific to me, huh?

MC: They are. I warned you.

SG: Let me think for a second. My tires hold 3.5 pounds. Or is it 35 pounds?

MC: I have no idea. I don’t drive.

SG: I think it’s 35.2 pounds of air inside my tires, and we’re saying the average room, right? What’s the average-size room?

MC: I don’t know, but it’s average.

SG: Let’s say 2,500 pounds.

MC: Nope. 90 pounds. Interesting, eh? Question-number three: I see something on your resume called The Italian Job. Can you teach my girlfriend that one?

SG: Well, if I recall correctly, your girlfriend’s Russian. But she’s bilingual, which means that she has the capacity to learn. So, yes, I’m fairly certain that I could teach it to her.

MC: [laughs] Number four: Do you drink orange juice because it’s good for you?

SG: Yeah, I drink orange juice, and, yeah, I drink it because it’s good for me. But there are plenty of things I don’t do that are good for me and plenty of things that I do that are bad for me. See how I subtly implemented the bad-boy image there?

MC: I see that! Well done. Five: You worked with Macaulay Culkin in his upcoming film Party Monster. What is he like?

SG: He’s kind of like a spring breeze on a perfect day: mysterious and beguiling, and yet so pleasant to be around.

MC: That’s what I’ve always thought from afar. Question six: Do you like your coffee black and your pants loose?

SG: I actually don’t drink coffee. And my pants, if they’re my pants, I like them tight in the waist but loose in the important areas. And if they’re someone else’s pants, well, I don’t really have a lot to say about that.

MC: Question seven–multiple choice. This is the last one.

SG: Good.

MC: If you had to choose, would you be: (a) a brown cow, (b) a black-and-white cow, or (c) not a cow?

SG: Oh, wow. That is complicated. I guess it would really depend on what region of the world I was in. Cows are treated so differently around the globe. I’ve spent a lot of time with cows, and I can’t imagine that life as a cow is all that pleasant. The whole slaughter thing, the evisceration by aliens … I’m going to go with, “(c) not a cow.”

MC: [laughs] Well done. You passed.

SG: Thanks. That’s all? Seven questions?

MC: No, I want to talk about a few more things. The Italian Job, for instance. What’s it about?

SG: It’s pretty straight ahead: Boy meets gold, boy loses gold, boy has to recover gold in funny and witty way with the help of his highly potent and useful thieving crew.

MC: And who is this witty man with the crew?

SG: Mark Wahlberg. He plays Charlie, the mastermind. Charlize Theron is the safecracker, Jason Statham is the wheel-man–the tough guy–and I’m the computer-electronics guy. My whole goal with this one was to give all the real computer-electronics-expert thieves a hero, you know?

MC: Sure. Someone to look up to.

SG: Exactly. The movie is based on the original The Italian Job [1969], starring Michael Caine.

MC: There was an original?

SG: Yeah. It’s kind of campy, but there are a bunch of similarities. In the original movie, gold is the object of the heist and they use Minis–the cars–and we incorporate all that. And the heist is centered on the largest traffic jam the city has ever seen. In our case, it’s in Los Angeles instead of Turin, Italy, as it was in the original.

MC: Did you have fun on this one?

SG: Yeah. The best thing about this movie was that I got to work with all these people I have looked forward to working with, like Mark Wahlberg. And yes, his arms really are that big. His arm is literally the diameter of my head. [laughs] Which doesn’t seem disproportionate on his body, but to me, is quite daunting.

MC: So you’re saying he’s a muscle man?

SG: I wouldn’t categorize him as a muscle man, but he’s definitely in better shape than I am.

MC: No, that’s impossible.

SG: No, I’m pretty sure he can beat me at the dead lift. [both laugh] And Mos Def–he’s in the crew too-was really cool to hang out with. The whole thing was a blast, really, and it’s not your typical blow-up-stuff sort of action movie. It’s smart. [F.] Gary Gray [the director] was really conscious of delving into each of the characters, so that you got to know and like them individually as well as a crew-so when they attempt to pull off the job, you’re really invested in it.

MC: So where are you now, and what are you doing?

SG: I’m in Vancouver. I just started on Scooby-Doo 2.

MC: Ah, Vancouver. The Amsterdam of North America.

SG: Yeah, supposedly there are all these hash bars, but I have yet to find them. And what am I doing? I’m not really doing anything. I’ve got a stack of scripts I’m reading, and I’m looking at a gift basket from the hotel.

MC: Did you get free wine?

SG: Yeah.

MC: Uh-oh. I’ve seen you drunk. You get reckless.

SG: Yeah, but not in a Judd Nelson kind of way. Oh wait, that wasn’t Reckless-it was Relentless [1989]. But wasn’t there a movie called Reckless?

MC: [laughs] There probably was.

SG: I’ve got to say, you are so much more prepared than I expected. You know, 10 people are going to love this interview. [both laugh]


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